Commun 🎩

No-code platform for creating scalable backends for communities and user based apps



Create a production-ready scalable backend for your app without coding. With Commun weeks of development become minutes. Use the UI dashboard to manage your app without writing any code.


Authentication & Roles

Commun provides secure authentication and role based permission management out of the box. Commun supports email and password or third party systems like Google, Facebook or GitHub.


GraphQL and Rest API

Commun automatically prepares a GraphQL and Rest API backend which you can consume from anywhere.


Define your logic

Use hooks, permissions, joins and indexes to fulfil your app's requirements. With Commun you can create complex and extensible applications without coding.


Fast full-text search

Out of the box full-text search on one or more attributes. With support for specific weights for each attribute.


Collaboration friendly

Commun was built with the best collaboration and deployment practices in mind. Your app logic and configuration will be entirely in your source control system. This allows teams to set up enterprise level pipelines and review practices.